Dry Needling in the Breast Cancer Population for PT/OT

PORi Adjunct: Dry Needling in the Breast Cancer Population

Specialized Prerequisite: Level 1 Dry Needling Certification and six (6) months of needling experience.
Dry Needling has had a significant impact on physical therapy practice over the last several years and there is an ever-increasing trend of its use. The oncology patient population, however, is often excluded from the utilization of this treatment technique because of the need for more in-depth clinical understanding of the safety parameters, the implications, and the timing of its use. Through this 2-day Dry Needling in the Breast Cancer Population Course, participants will learn evidence-based practice for ensuring effective clinical integration of these techniques within this patient population.
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Key Course Information:
October 23 - 24, 2021
  • EXTERNAL Prerequisite: Dry Needling Level 1 Course
  • Prerequisite: Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation & Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Target Audience: PT / OT / PTA / COTA
  • Course Capacity: up to 25 participants
  • Course Type: Live Webinar / Video & Live Virtual Lab Sessions
  • Contact Hours: 16 hrs
  • Price: $575 (normally $750 but discounted for Live Virtual Sessions)