Deep Physiological Understanding + Practical Clinical Skillset = PORi

A Body Systems Approach to Oncology Rehabilitation

The physiological impact of cancer and oncology-related treatments is profound - it is crucially important that oncology rehabilitation providers address all of the patient's body systems that have been (or may be) affected by their cancer or its treatment. Our courses are designed to teach participants about the impact of cancer & cancer treatment on the Integumentary, Myofascial, Skeletal, Lymphatic, Neural, Gastrointestinal, Urogenital, Vascular and Cardiopulmonary systems. PORi's patient management algorithms and treatment protocols relate to the optimal resolution of functional impairment within these systems.

Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation

​This course is a pre-requisite for any of the subsequent CORE and Adjunct modules. The course is purely didactic and open to all healthcare providers. We will support obtaining CEU credits for PT/OT/SLP.  Physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists and others are welcome to attend and can submit for CEUs individually to their governing bodies.

​The course will discuss cancer-related surgeries, patient sequalae resulting from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and provide a clinical overview of oncologic emergencies.  The course includes sections on the physiological effect of cancer treatments and an introduction to PORi-specific treatment techniques including exercise prescription for the continuum of care.  There is also instruction on integrating the chronic disease model of care into the PT/OT/SLP management system, and how to integrate documentation of this patient population to meet CMS and health insurance requirements.  Lastly, there will be an overview of how oncology rehabilitation fits into the legislative and clinical framework around oncology patients. The PORi body system treatment models would be taught didactically, giving participants the grounding needed to participate in the CORE modules. In addition, this course will provide acute care clinicians a greater understanding of the oncology patients.

PORi CORE Courses

​These courses will build on the PORi Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation course.  There will be a re-emphasis Foundations review to build treatment based knowledge and clinical skills.

There will be a significant emphasis on lab sessions, including live patient presentations and class lab sessions where participants can practice the techniques if in-person on patients or with a home lab partner to ensure integration of skills.  

PORi Adjunct Courses

The PORi Adjunct Courses do not form part of the core curriculum but are ancillary courses for therapists who feel they wish to delve more deeply into a topic related to one of the courses they have already done or look to add specialist knowledge in a less common area such