PORi Curriculum

All the PORi courses build on the PORi Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation. The Foundation course is a pre-requisite for all the other courses that we teach.

​Once a therapist has completed the Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation course they can then go on to complete any of the other courses.  There are two types of follow-on courses - PORi CORE Courses and PORi Adjunct Courses.   Three of four CORE are disease site specific and Chemotoxicity and Cancer Exercise Management crosses all cancer types- both solid and liquid tumors.

As our own clinical practice has evolved, we wanted our educational offering to evolve too - these new course and the structure better reflect the growing specialties of care within our own practice and the need for an increased level of specialization to best deliver rehabilitation care to oncology patients.

Course Calendar 


Starting 2018, there are three phases of PORi Certification in Oncology Rehabilitation to elevate and designate PORi therapists with advanced skills.  To learn more about becoming a specialist or Center of Excellence see our certification program. 

*Any therapists that have already completed our pre-2018 PORi Certificate Program will have their PORi-Certification automatically converted to the Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation plus the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation course.​